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Unattended retail platform vending, analytics and more

Eliminate Retail Shrink

Robotics and software specifically designed to reduce customer friction and eliminate shrink

The World's #1 Automated Retail Platform

Everything you need to build your automated workforce, connected and managed from a single platform. Streamline your operations - control, manage and execute remotely and in real-time.

Revolutionize Your Retail Experience with Swyft

Swyft provides robust solutions for in-store retail, satellite retail, and automated retail. Our state-of-the-art offerings redefine the shopping experience, enabling location owners to seamlessly manage their operations while delivering unparalleled customer service. For in-store retail, we offer AI-powered platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, driving efficiency and elevating customer experiences. If you're considering expanding your reach with satellite retail operations, our secure robotic cabinets intelligently serve customers with minimal human intervention, reducing shrinkage. Embrace the future of retail with Swyft.


reduction in retail shrink*

In-Store Retail

Swyft's revolutionary technology is reshaping in-store retail solutions, offering a potent tool to combat the persistent problem of product loss or shrink. Our automated retail platform, powered by cutting-edge AI and robotics, is designed to ensure 100% elimination of in-store shrink.

Satellite Retail

Brands and retailers can benefit from Swyft's automated retail platform in satellite locations like airports, hotels, or conference centers. Swyft's platform offers an efficient and secure way to scale product availability and remotely manage retail operations, making the process smoother and more efficient in high-traffic areas.


sales per square foot*


guest satisfaction*

Real Estate Partners

By bringing one of Swyft's automated retail solutions to your location you offer a valuable amenity to your guests. Our advanced technology ensures seamless operation and minimal footprint, turning unused spaces into a hub of innovation, convenience, and increased profitability.

Tailored service models

Whether you require a comprehensive, fully-managed automated retail solution or simply the powerful software platform behind it, we have you covered.

Robotics for every space

A dynamic range of unattended delivery points to serve your users with the right items at the right time.

Monetize under-utilized spaces

Place one of our existing solutions or provide your own where your users need it and want it most.

Solve labor shortages with automation

Manage and grow your network while letting Swyft’s Synergy platform do the heavy lifting.

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* Statistics on this page are based on actual client implementations and results may vary.

Swyft is the one-stop-shop to deliver on your automated retail store roll-out.

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