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Revolutionary Technology for Modern Automated Retail

At the heart of Swyft's operations lies our advanced and innovative technology. Our robust suite of digital tools has been carefully designed to refine and revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers.

Unattended Retail, Supercharged: Harnessing the Power of AI

Our technology leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), giving your business the edge in understanding and predicting customer behavior. This dynamic duo ensures your business stays ahead of the curve, delivering personalized experiences to each customer and fostering relationships that last.

Safeguarding Your Business with Our Smart Vending Technology

Furthermore, privacy and security are of paramount importance in our technology. Our advanced encryption methods ensure that your data is always secure, and we strictly adhere to global data protection regulations.

Agile Development: Adapting to Meet Retail's Evolving Needs

Swyft's technology is continually improving. Our team of dedicated engineers and developers work tirelessly to ensure that our tools are always at the cutting edge, providing your business with the digital transformation it needs to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Swyft Synergy, the platform for unattended retail

Swyft Synergy is the world's #1 automated retail platform, developed over 25 years. This cutting-edge cloud platform is designed for smart unattended retail. The unified digital platform connects seamlessly to hundreds of robotic hardware types. It provides remote management, automated resolution, insights into consumer behavior and machine health and empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

What can Swyft Synergy do for your business?

Whether you're automating a retail store aisle, offering automated pharmacy prescriptions outside of regular hours, or delighting hotel guests with donuts at 2AM, effectively managing your automated retail fleet has never been more effortless.

Big data feeds the AI engine

Swyft's smart vending technology harnesses the power of big data to feed its AI engine, providing a well-rounded understanding of consumer desires and operational efficiency. Every interaction in our unattended retail stores is meticulously tracked and analyzed, from the choice of products to the time spent interacting with the system. This data is then fed into the Swyft Cloud, where our AI technology sifts through, classifying and analyzing patterns to generate valuable insights. These insights guide businesses on what consumers want, aiding in the development of strategies that enhance revenue and streamline operations.

Transform Your Business with Swyft's Insightful Data

If data were to be compared to gold, our reserves outshine those of South Africa. Allow our data analytics to illuminate your business choices, eliminating uncertainty.

Robotics metrics

Increase efficiency by remotely monitoring store components, overall uptime, service levels, temperatures and user interactions.

Real-time transactions

Learn from real-time transactional data that shows the path to purchase, purchase decisions, hesitations, consumer profiles, loyalty and much more.

Real-time inventory

Receive recommendations on optimizing inventory levels and efficiently managing inventory to minimize waste while maximizing revenue and profitability.

Screen analytics

Obtain valuable insights from your interactive screen that provide information on session duration, conversion paths, exit paths, and various other web-style analytics.

Traffic & demographics

Location traffic is predicted and measured using anonymous privacy-compliant sensors and age and gender measurement tools.

Service level analytics

Gain valuable insights into technician performance, assess the effectiveness of customer support staff, and identify opportunities to streamline operations.

Take the Next Step with Swyft's Unattended Retail Technology

Now that you've seen the power of our unattended retail technology and AI-driven data analytics, isn't it time you transformed your unattended retail operations? Embrace the future of retail with Swyft. From real-time inventory management to service-level analytics, we give you the tools to optimize your business operations, reduce waste, and boost profitability.

Take a leap today. Ignite your business potential with Swyft's unattended retail technology, and watch as your business grows and evolves. Contact us now to learn more.