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Automated Retail Robotic Hardware from Swyft

Swyft's range of automated retail robotic hardware is designed to fit into a wide range of applications and is powered by Swyft's software platform. These robotic shops will help grow your revenue and profit while enhancing your brand.

Grow Sales and Enhance Your Brand with Automated Retail Solutions

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

Our platform harnesses the power of robotics, providing you with a seamless and highly efficient retail experience. By automating repetitive tasks, such as inventory management, unlocking locked cabinets, and order fulfillment, we free up your valuable resources to focus on strategic growth initiatives. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to increased productivity.

Our software ensures a secure shopping experience while granting you full control over your automated retail solutions, delivering a seamless user experience. Businesses can effortlessly expand their robotic stores with quick deployment, resulting in a faster time-to-market without complications. The platform prioritizes reliability, security, and trust, establishing a stable and safe shopping environment. Our versatile software platform effortlessly adapts to diverse retail demands, offering customizable features.

Swyft's Robotic Shops

Swyft's robotic shops are designed to be versatile and easy to deploy. Our robotic shops are powered by our software platform, allowing you to quickly and easily deploy them at scale in any location. Our robotic shops are designed to be reliable and secure, ensuring that your customers have a safe and secure shopping experience.

Big Swyft Store

Swyft X4 Series 300 Smart Vending Machine

X4 Series 300

Introducing the R1 Swyft Store's latest upgrade: the X4 Swyft Store. Packed with cutting-edge features, this advanced model offers enhanced inventory measurement systems, computer vision technology, and a larger touchscreen display. With its spacious 28 sq ft design, it effortlessly accommodates a wide range of products in high-volume settings. Discover the perfect balance of cost-efficiency and unparalleled convenience at our state-of-the-art store.

Swyft X4-R Series 300 Smart Vending Machine

X4-R Series 300 - Refrigerated

The X4-R Swyft Store comes with optional refrigeration that meets both the FDA Food Code and NAMA design and construction standards. This advanced model incorporates cutting-edge features, offering enhanced inventory measurement systems, computer vision technology, and a larger touchscreen display.


R1 Series 200

Our flagship robotic store, the R1 Swyft Store, is a popular and efficient solution that addresses the challenges faced by retailers. With a spacious 28 sq ft design, it offers the broadest range of products in a high-volume environment. Experience cost-efficiency and unparalleled convenience with our state-of-the-art store.

Medium Swyft Store

Swyft X2 Series 300 Smart Vending Machine

X2 Series 300

The X2 Swyft Store embodies the next generation of automated retail. Boasting an impressive 96% product efficiency, it offers a panoramic view of your merchandise through a generously sized viewing window. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors and computer vision technology, the X2 delivers a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Experience the pinnacle of retail innovation.


Small Swyft Store

Swyft X3 Series 300 Smart Vending Machine

X3 Series 300

The X3 Swyft Store is the compact sibling of the X2, boasting the same state-of-the-art sensor technology and flexible merchandising options. With its sleek dimensions of just 4ft wide and 2.5ft deep, it is purposefully designed to seamlessly fit into retail end-caps or larger-scale deployments where space may pose a challenge.


Key Features and Benefits of Swyft's Automated Retail Robotic Hardware

Discover the transformative potential of Swyft's Automated Retail Robotic Hardware with three key benefits that redefine the boundaries of retail experience. These advantages not only elevate customer satisfaction but also streamline operational efficiency.

Versatile Size Options to Fit Any Space Requirement

Range of sizes allows for placement in small spaces and making a brand statement in larger areas. The 4ft wide store is perfect for aisle end-caps or tucked away spaces, while the 6ft and 7ft wide stores can make a significant brand statement and provide more product space for shoppers.

Swyft's Patented Inventory Management Systems

Patented inventory measurement systems provide accurate inventory tracking in real-time, eliminating shrink and ensuring that products are always in-stock and available to shoppers.

Embracing Brand-True Design

The brand-true design of the stores makes a huge branding impact in high-traffic areas, while the digital advertising screens and large touchscreen provide opportunities to sell products as well as advertise them. The billboards are cost-effective and eye-catching, making them a valuable marketing tool for any business looking to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Take Action Now—Elevate Your Retail Experience with Swyft

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It's time to take a step towards the future of retail. Embrace the power of automation and experience the unique benefits that Swyft's automated retail robotic hardware can provide. Don't let your business be left behind—join the retail revolution today to enhance your shopping experience, increase your sales, and grow your brand. Contact us now to learn more about Swyft and how we can help you streamline your retail operations.

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