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Meet the Swyft Team

At Swyft, we value our team as much as we value our tech. We are a dynamic group of devoted and enthusiastic individuals who are deeply committed to revolutionizing retail.

Our Founders

Gower Smith Automated Retail Pioneer

Gower Smith

Jordan Smith founder of automated retail technology Swyft

Jordan Smith

Lincoln Smith founder of auomtated retail technology Swyft

Lincoln Smith

Our founders, Gower, Jordan, and Lincoln Smith, with their passion for innovation and years of experience in the retail industry, saw a transformative opportunity in automated technology. Gower pioneered the Automated Retail industry in the '90s when he partnered with Hewlett-Packard to dispense ink cartridges. In 2013, the founders collectively believed in the power of AI to revolutionize retail, leading to the inception of Swyft. Their vision for Swyft wasn't just about creating an automated retail business; it was about building a company that could bring convenience, efficiency, and unprecedented shopping experiences to consumers worldwide. Today, their dedication and innovative spirit continue to guide our mission and growth.

Trailblazers in Retail Convenience: The Swyft Team

At Swyft, we take pride in our dedicated team of experienced professionals from various fields. Our technology and retail experts, enthusiastic salespersons, ingenious engineers, and committed client success and operations teams collaborate to redefine shopping experiences with automated retail solutions. With years of experience in the technology and retail sectors, our leadership team oversees operations and strategic decisions, ensuring top-tier service. Our sales staff, proficient in automated retail and AI tools, connect businesses worldwide with our innovative solutions. The engineers responsible for Swyft's automated technology not only receive awards, but also optimize our AI platform, enhance efficiency, and uphold stringent security measures. Moreover, our client success and operations teams employ cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless experiences and efficient operations. At Swyft, we are not just a team; we are a force of trailblazers, driven by our unwavering commitment to revolutionize the way people shop and experience convenience.

Our Values

At Swyft, we firmly believe that the diversity and unwavering dedication of our team are pivotal to our success. Every undertaking we pursue is guided by our five core values, which form the very foundation of our organization.

Join the Swyft Team

Are you passionate about automation and AI? Interested in shaping the future of retail? Join us at Swyft on this exciting journey. We're not just utilizing automated technology; we're revolutionizing the retail landscape. We're always looking for talent enthusiastic about automated retail, whether in engineering, customer service, or strategic planning. Don't miss this opportunity to work with a team shaping the future of automated retail. Reach out to us today and make a real difference. Join us and bring your unique perspective on automated retail. Let's create an unprecedented shopping experience together.

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