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Oakland Airport First to Roll Out COVID Testing Vending Machines

  1. Oakland International, in California, is the first US airport to sell COVID-19 tests in vending machines.

  2. The saliva tests require people to spit in a tube, return the sample to a lab, and wait 48 hours for a result.

  3. Prices of the coronavirus tests, made by Wellness 4 Humanity, range between $US130 and $US150.

Oakland International announced Wednesday that it’s the first airport in the US to sell COVID-19 test kits in vending machines.

Passengers can buy the coronavirus test kits, made by digital health firm Wellness 4 Humanity, in both airport terminals via contactless kiosks, which are designed by software company Swyft.

The saliva tests require people to spit in a tube and send the sample to a lab by FedEx, Oakland airport said. Results of the COVID-19 test will then arrive via an app within 48 hours of the lab receiving the sample.

Wellness 4 Humanity’s tests cost between $US130 and $US150.

The coronavirus tests, which were authorised by the Food and Drug Administration in April, are 99.99% accurate, according to Wellness 4 Humanity. The company announced the rollout of the vending machine tests in December and were ready to use in New York City on Wednesday, per NBC News.

Other major cities across America, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Dallas, are also set to get them.

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Original article posted by Business Insider


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