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NRF 2017 Most Innovative Retail Technologies

Original article published on CrownTV by Elena Lathrop

Established: First store opened in 2015 Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Swyft is bringing vending machine technology into the 21st century by making it fully automated, cloud-based and scalable. They provide both the hardware (the vending machine itself) and software components. The software allows the user to control their vending machines in real-time, using timely data to make smart merchandising decisions.

Features include real-time dashboards, demand forecasting, coupons and promotions, traffic monitoring, geo-targeting and more. Swyft’s vending machines are also markedly smaller in size than the ones you may have seen before.

This turnkey channel grows revenues, increases profits and enhances the brand image of retailers and brands, allowing them a highly scalable, omni-channel strategy that integrates with their existing mobile and eCommerce channels.

What we like about Swyft: Swyft emphasizes that they provide the “highest ROI per sqft than any other retail solution”, showing their dedication to client success. They’re also with you every step of the way, from design to implementation to management.

SOURCE – CrownTV 2017


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