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Swyft Inc.: A Disruptive Turn-Key Automated Retail Channel Enhancing Customer Experience

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Modern technologies are coming available at an exponential pace in the marketplace. Staying in sync with this momentum is the retail industry which is leveraging these technologies to enhance the overall customer experience. Today, customers are rapidly moving towards convenient channels such as websites and mobile apps for purchasing products and services. Therefore, retail organizations such as brands, vend operators, and enterprises are constantly looking for solutions, which can help them to satisfy the customers’ demands as well as provide continuous source of revenue generation. Swyft Inc., helps such entities by offering next-generation automated retail store hardware, a cloud software platform, and end-to-end services.

Offering Cost-Effective Services in an Innovative Manner

Swyft is a modern end-to-end retail channel, which distributes a portfolio of products from the world’s leading brands and retailers with a handy purchase experience that saves consumers’ time and money. The software platform developed by Swyft centrally administrates each automated store location, employs smart (AI) system to evaluate the data, and delivers trustworthy, high-quality experiences. It also provides its clients with a dashboard for surveillance of Swyft’s and service partner’s performance in achieving the aimed levels of success in consumer satisfaction and availability of serving the customers.

The San Francisco, CA-based company analyzes big data to automate supply chain management, merchandising, and network monitoring. It integrates APIs with its clients’ CRM systems to personalize transactions and uses demographic analysis to personalize ads. Swyft’s high-end GUI improves the customer experience similar to online shopping but with the instantaneous gratification of receiving the products immediately. In addition to this, the upcoming launch of Swyft Mobile App will enable self service user experiences throughout its entire store network from mobile devices. The automated retail firm has developed a set of services to incorporate with clients’ systems, allowing personalized transactions such as repeat orders, price matching, and loyalty packages.

Building Profitable Sales Channels and Delivering Incredible Consumer Experiences

For brands and retailers, Swyft creates cost-effective and efficient progressive sales channels with affirmative brand impact through remarkable consumer experiences. In order to do this, it utilizes big data to implement smart software systems that evaluate data to manage processes in a more intelligent and efficient manner. For each vertical, it has patented technology to facilitate remote mobile shopping with pick-up or delivery to the consumer via couriers or robots. The leading retail software solutions providing firm offers its services to the following three verticals:

  1. The automated retail company builds beneficial incremental satellite retail store networks for its brands and retail partners to complement their online or traditional retail channels. It enhances its client’s omnichannel strategy and creates a new channel for them in numerous location verticals such as airports, malls, hotels, travel venues, colleges, apartments, and office campuses.

  2. Swyft’s retail automation solutions deliver technologies for better consumer experiences in existing retail stores. For example, in Grab and Go cabinets or secure robotic systems, customers can experience more satisfying self-service for items. It also offers parcel lockers to boost consumer experiences by delivering immediate and convenient pick-ups and returns in-store.

  3. In Food Service Automation, Swyft provides Grab and Go convenience for food and beverage items. With this, consumers can use a credit card or app to get validated access to an open store with no checkout in the same way online giants have introduced cashierless stores

The Journey of Attaining Experience and Expertise

Gower Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Swyft Inc, established the company to create the most efficient channel, which provides instant satisfaction to consumers with streamlined supply chain, leveraging a brand or retailer’s existing distribution infrastructure. Gower graduated in radio engineering working on a New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation radio station. Additionally, he completed microcomputer courses from Monash University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Following that, Gower established Computerland, Australia’s first retail business which sold technology to consumers and also founded a wholesale distribution company distributing products such as Apple Computer products. In 1983, when Apple established their Australian subsidiary Gower built a software company automating all of the supply chain and financial systems of his prior businesses. His software and systems business witnessed 4 years of speedy growth and he sold out to Impact Systems, a printer technology company which completed an IPO 2 months after acquiring his business.

One year later, Gestetner acquired Impact and recruited Gower to lead Impact’s turnaround. Gower spun out the supplies business out from Gesetetner before selling to Lexmark and became a printing supplies market leader in Australia and parts of Asia. Hewlett-Packard recognized Gower’s patented printer supplies cabinet as competitive to their core business and offered him financial support to develop his vision of automated retail. Gower shifted to the USA and raised over US $100 million investment for ZoomSystems. After handing off management of ZoomSystems in 2011, in 2013 Gower Co-founded Swyft to build next-gen automated retail solutions and in 2017, he acquired ZoomSystems. Today, as the CEO of Swyft, Gower has numerous responsibilities and business objectives to accomplish. For 2019, Gower has set the following goals that will aid in his organization’s growth.

  1. Successful deployment and execution of its existing clients’ projects to meet their scale plans.

  2. Implement tactical developments on its technology roadmap and deliver remarkable next-generation automated retail consumer experiences.

  3. To match up with the growing demands of its solutions, Swyft will attract strategic new human talent and financial capital.

Upcoming Trends in the Retail Industry

According to Gower, AI systems will proceed to deliver consumers with more enhanced and tailored experiences that are not attainable with manual staffing. The consumers are often accepting self-service and retail automation technologies over interactions with staff. Moreover, Gower shares that the traditional retailers need to adopt modern technologies in order to stay ahead in the market. Therefore, in the coming days, the robotic product delivery will be utilized more where automated micro-warehouses present in urban sectors will transfer products to delivery robots for the instantaneous satisfaction of consumer needs.

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